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Here at Amport Trout Fishery we do not do catch and release so we have included some delicious recipes on how to cook your tasty trout catch!


Please send us your favorite trout recipes!

Pan-fried trout with bacon, almonds & beetroot


1 tbsp olive oil

25g butter

3 trout fillets, pin boned

200g bacon lardons

¼ loaf (about 140g) sourdough bread, cut into croutons

handful flaked almonds

85g bag watercress

250g beetroot (not in vinegar), cut into small chunks

For the dressing:-

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp red wine vinegar




Heat 1 tsp of the olive oil with the butter in a large non-stick frying pan until it just starts to sizzle. Add the fish, skin-side down, and fry for 10-15 mins – basting often until the skin is crisp and the flesh has cooked through – then turn over for a min. Remove and keep warm.


Add the remaining oil to the pan and tip in the bacon lardons and croutons. Fry for about 10 mins until crisp. Meanwhile, toast the flaked almonds in a dry pan over medium heat. In a small bowl, whisk together the oil and vinegar for the dressing with some seasoning, then set aside. Toss the watercress, beetroot, lardons, croutons, almonds and dressing together in a large bowl. Sit a trout fillet on each plate and serve with the salad on the side.

Pour a glass of something lovely and refreshing and enjoy the efforts of your day!



Baked Trout with Garlic and Mushrooms


5 (3/4 lb) trout

1⁄2 cup olive oil

5 cloves garlic, chopped

fresh ground black pepper


1⁄2-3⁄4 lb fresh mushrooms

1⁄4-1⁄2 cup butter

4 tablespoons fine dry breadcrumbs

4 green onions, sliced

3 fresh lemons (or lemon concentrate)

2 tablespoons minced parsley


To cook trout, wash and dry the fish inside and out and coat sides with a little olive oil.

Slice mushrooms and place half in the bottom of a shallow baking dish.

Salt and pepper fish, inside and out, to taste and place in dish on top of mushrooms.

Sprinkle bread crumbs over fish along with the minced parsley, chopped garlic and the green onion.

If using fresh lemons, squeeze 1 or 2 directly over the entire trout including the inside.

Meanwhile melt butter, add to olive oil and the juice of 2 lemons.

Pour slowly over fish saving about half of the mixture.

Bake for 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees or until they are tender and bread crumbs are light brown.

Fish is done when the meat flakes easily when a fork is inserted into the flesh and lifted up slightly.

Just before the fish are done, saute 1-2 minutes , the remaining mushrooms in the sauce that is left and pour over top after placing trout on a serving plate.

Garnish with a few lemon wedges and a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

Serve this Italian Trout recipe with rice, or Italian pasta, and a side of vegetables.


Pour a glass of something lovely and refreshing and enjoy the efforts of your day!

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